Jörg Steinbach was born in Neumünster in 1965. Trained as a master craftsman, Steinbach acquired his knowledge of different techniques and procedures in photography with the help of various protagonists of the photographic scene. His creative work always reflects the constructive process of its creation. Accordingly, Steinbach is not afraid to become a constructor of photographic apparatuses for a specific project idea.

Jörg Steinbach’s photos have already been shown in several exhibitions and publications. The photographer also runs the Atelier für Photographie in Berlin as a gallery owner and curator,



• Ästhetik und Kommunikation „Verwahrlosung“ 2006



• Brandenburger Landschaften, FAS, Berlin, May 2003
• Weiße Berge Monochrom, Kali Bergbaumuseum Werra, July 2004
• Fine Art Prints, Schloss Callenberg, Coburg, August 2004
• FineArtForum, Wetzlar, Mai 2005
• Symmetrie und Reihungen, Atelier für Photographie, July 2005
• Suchbewegungen „Tatorte“, FAS, Berlin, May 2006
• L´heol et l´ankou / The Sun and the Dead, Burg Galerie Leinfelden-Echterdingen, August 2006
• Fine Art Prints, Schloss Callenberg, Coburg, May 2009
• Das Kunstforum, Berlin, March 2010
• Diepensee, Atelier für Photographie, Berlin, MdF 2014
• With Love FROM PARiS, Atelier für Photographie, June 2016
• Die aus dem Nest gefallen sind, documentation on the work of the human rights organization Pharos e.V., Atelier für Photographie, September 2017